Athlete + Strategy
Whats in a name?

Any professional athlete will tell you that having the right strategy is an essential component of preparation. That mental groundwork, as well as the determination and endurance to see it through, is the key to success.

As a hybrid of the words 'Strategy' and 'Athlete', our name embodies the key relationship between the two.

We believed that to be successful, our brand needed to have an equally clear strategy. Pair the world’s best technical fabrics with innovative but solid construction. Finish that with with a clean, sophisticated style. Be imaginative but never lose sight of purpose and function.

Names are important. The substance behind them, much more so.

Our Logo

In designing our logo we wanted an icon that was both clean lined and structured but that was also evocative of the purpose of our products.

Our Athletegy 'A' is a fusion of that letter with a geometric depiction of a bicep curl.

Our Founders

Michael Tedesco and Andrew Morrill co-founded Athletegy in 2020 with the goal of combining high quality gymwear with a style and fit they felt was missing from the market.

Each brought to the partnership a background in health and fitness coupled with unique areas of expertise in financial management, design and merchandising. Working together to build the brand from the ground up they have made a commitment to making the Athletegy brand the very best it can be.

Better Fit. Better Style. Better Athlete.

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