Our name is a combination of the words 'Athlete' and 'Strategy'. While it might take some practice to say (spoken as ath-lē-teh-jē), we understood while creating this brand that having the right strategy was going to be an essential component of its success. This remains true for almost everything we do.

Athletegy reminds us of the relationship between preparation and success both inside the gym and out. Names are important. The substance behind them can be even more so.

When we began thinking about a logo, we knew we wanted a design that was simple and structured but also somehow represented our products. While looking over some images, we came across one shot of a model doing a bicep curl and noticed something interesting. The shape of his arm in connection with his body and head made almost a perfect triangle.

The triangle is a historic symbol of power, balance and it also forms the top of the letter 'A'; it seemed like a good place to start. We took our bicep curl image, overlayed a triangle shape, simplified everything to just lines and there is was: our logo, the Athletegy 'A'.