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What Makes Athletegy Different?

Designed from the ground up with your needs in mind, we know what makes good gym wear. Never choosing form over function, we instead find solutions where they both exist. Our philosophy: Better FIT and Better STYLE make a Better ATHLETE.


Our products put in as much effort as you do. From anti-smell technology to reinforced seams, we've got you covered. We test at every stage of product development to ensure our gear is up to the level of our athletes.


We know achieving your fitness ambitions starts with clothes which allow you to move, sweat, and release your inner beast. Our gear is designed to fit like it was made for you - because it was.


There's a space between bland gym clothes and walking around looking like a highlighter. That's where we operate. All of our colors can be worn interchangeably. Wear any combination and be confident... you look like a bad ass.